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Uptime All Day with isOnline

This article is for company network administrators. In one of the seminars I attended, we were asked about the basic tools in website management. The speaker would get answers like engaging topics, appealing web design, and SEO-friendly contents to be on top of the online competition. And then, someone raised a very good point which is Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. You might wonder what made me say it was a very good point to remember.


The advent of online marketing has put so much pressure on the workload of company network administrators. Why is this so? Nowadays, websites have become an important component of product or service branding. As a network administrator, you work hand in hand with the company’s marketing team to ensure that the business’ online presence is optimized by taking charge of the technical side of website management. Your failure as a webmaster affects the initiative and effort of the marketing team once the site is down or the server is down. With the right tool, we can keep this from happening through an uptime monitoring service from isOnline. 


What is uptime monitoring and why is it important? Uptime monitoring is keeping track of your website and ensures that it is up 24/7. This means that third-party service, like isOnline, provides you with an uptime robot that is programmed to check the accessibility of your website, detects problems, explains why this happened, and from these data, webmasters can come up with a timely solution. Website monitoring not only keeps track of when your site is online or offline but also those little things that affect end-user experiences. Sometimes, these little problems are unnoticeable by IT geeks but are detected by search engines. Any problem, big or small, that is noticed by search engines affects your site’s search ranking. As the rockstar IT personnel in the company, you would not want that to happen.


With the right website status monitoring tool, real-time updates will be given to you when your site is experiencing technical difficulties. As an IT personnel, you know the convenience this service offers. I was told once not to work harder, but to work smarter instead. So, why would you spend so much time figuring out what went wrong or why your company website crashes? You, sure, would want to be that IT superstar in your company who gets your site back up before your boss, or anyone in the company, or your customers see the problem.


If you are passionate about what you are doing as the webmaster or network administrator of a company, you know how rewarding it feels to contribute to making your customers and site visitors happy. Nobody frequents a site with inconsistent accessibility, poor performance, and slow response time.


It is, therefore, frustrating for companies to spend a lot of money to build their online presence, but only to find out that their websites are inaccessible. Worse, no one in the company notices it, maybe for a long period of time. We all know that each downtime moment equates to lost profits. The breakthrough of the internet has resulted in an increasingly great number of people, who rely so much on the world wide web for knowledge and information. And because everything becomes a click away for everyone, people will not wait for when your website will be up, and instead, they will check for other websites.

But, you do not have to worry. isOnline is here for you. They will take charge of monitoring your website round the clock and sending you real-time notifications of its uptime and downtime. That will surely save you the time and energy trying to figure out what went wrong. Running the tests alone consumes so much time. And the best thing about this news is you can try it for free. You will not even be obliged to sign up. It’s all free!

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